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If you want an effective service with best client outcomes and a resilient and productive workforce with low turnover, we work with you to create a solid platform for long term workforce development that has the flexibility to respond to a changing clinical and policy environment. We look at skills and service strengths and gaps in the context of best practice and the current policy environment to identify short, medium and long term options for consolidation and growth.

If you are looking for dynamic, tailored solutions that build on your organisation’s strengths and enable you to identify new opportunities for service and program development, we support you to REALISE those goals.

If you need to transform complex information into practical solutions that will support your organisation to grow, we help you to make sense of the evidence and apply it to the real world. We offer a pragmatic approach to translating research to practice and policy development.

If you are looking for additional funding in a competitive marketplace and need project support to establish ongoing systems for practice development, quality assurance and program evaluation we can help you to develop, manage and report on your projects with confidence.

We have a unique combination skills in clinical practice, health services management, research, and training and workforce development developed over more than two decades.

We know how to make it work in the real world.

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 Age9 September article by Jane Lee of the Age interviewing A/Prof Nicole Lee and rehabilitation centre reps regarding youth rehab rates for ice dependence



22 August interview on Channel 7 Sunrise program of A/Prof Nicole Lee discussing the topic: Does Australia really have an Ice problem.



NCML AOD Symposium19 August ADF newsletter points to the NCML AOD Symposium ‘Breaking Bad’ ice presentation video by A/Prof Nicole Lee


abc adelaide19 August 0ur own A/Prof Nicole Lee talking with ABC Adelaide’s Sonya Feldhoff on a panel discussion with Michael White from SANDAS and DCI Tim Cameri from SAPOL discussing the effects of ice on users and the community, and effective treatment options.

6PR Perth13 August interview of A/Prof Nicole Lee on Perth radio questioning whether Australia is in the grip of an Ice epidemic




ABC Far Nth lge13 August ABC Cairns interview of A/Prof Nicole Lee by Philip Staley discussing mandatory treatment of ice dependent users



The Conversation12 August article by Assoc. Professor Nicole Lee, published on The Conversation, discussing why forcing ice users into rehab won’t solve the problem



Skynews11 August interview with A/Prof Nicole Lee on Sky News explaining the ‘epidemic’ images are the chronic exception, and not the rule, when it comes to ice users.




Transcontinental5 August Ice Forum at Port Augusta where Nicole Lee presented meth use statistics and facts to 550 people




PM logo24 June Interview on Mark Colvin’s PM program about concerns with people not seeking help due to exaggerated ice use claims




Radio Adelaide9 June Interview on Radio Adelaide Nicole talks to Angus Randall about Workplace Testing for Ice




AM11 April Interview on Michael Brisendon’s AM program on ABC Melbourne. Nicole talks to Elizabeth Jackson about the Ice epidemic and examines the facts.




The Conversation8 April Conversation: Are we in the midst of an ice epidemic? A snapshot of meth use in Australia: viewpoint by Dr Nicole Lee




Sydney Morning Herald 3 April Article discussing rehab of children for Ice addictions quoting Nicole Lee



the Gaurdian27 August Article on crystal meth penalties in Victoria. Nicole Lee comments on Ice use prevalence and appropriate action plans.





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Allsop and LeeAllsop, S. and Lee, N. (eds.) (2012). Perspectives on Amphetamine-Type Stimulants. IP Communications, Melbourne. (432 pages)

Currently there are many as 50 million people report using amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS). Evidence about patterns of use, effects, and associated risks is accumulating, but our understanding of the contexts of use, and implications for intervention, is still developing. Many treatment services report difficulties engaging and retaining people affected by ATS-related problems in treatment. The evidence base for effective treatment is still in relative infancy. In this book the pharmacology of ATS, social contexts and meanings of use, associated risk taking, and potential harms for the individual consumer and his or her family and community are described. The experiences and views of consumers, a parent, a police officer, and frontline emergency- and health-service staff are offered.

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